grandMA2 crack 131072 parameters Artnet out keygen_without hardware_all versions supported

Using the MA2 general algorithm, it can crack and unlock all grandMA2 versions from Year2018 to now, and maybe future versions will also support it.
Can unlock 131,072 parameter outputs for all 256 Artnet universe.
This crack does not change the MA2 program, it’s only simulating the device, stable and reliable, no need to run alone, 1 DLL file copied to the MA2 directory then will ok.
This keygen can publish different versions of keys such as running time limit, expiration limit, HWID stand-alone limit, unlimited, demo, etc., which is convenient for merchants to test for customers.

How to do:
1: Download this GetHWID(en is English, cn is Chinese), run it, you will get a hwid_sn.txt file with your PC’s hardware ID, send to we, we’ll make a ma2_key.lic and winusb.dll file to you, copy these two files to MA2 directory then can unlock MA2 131072 parameters output, for convenience, you can also activate it yourself through the network, and you can also get the demo key for testing. this key file only uses in this PC with this hardware, copy to other PC can’t be uses, this key only lock in hardware not for system software, so windows can reinstall or reset, not be care. note: if change any hardware, maybe key will changed.

if GetWHID “Get demo key for test” have any error like code is expired or blocked, please email to me, I will renew it.

2: This ma2_key.lic key makes by Keygen or net server, Keygen can issue any unlimited or limited version of the ma2_key.lic key, which is equivalent to the manufacturer, and can generate an unlimited number of keys.

3: If you need a Key or need a KeyGen and want to become a publisher, please contact us.

4: MA2 Artnet out to device how to setup see this video:

To watch the video, it is recommended to play it in full screen:

How to check:
Run MA2 waiting 12 second, when MA2-NET is ok, then can see parameters is unlocked. (Note: Run MA2 in 0-12 seconds, MA2-NET not ready, parameter count is 4096, after 12 seconds when MA2-NET is OK, open software update then can see parameters count is 131072)

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