MA2 How to setup ArtNet output Step by step

To watch the video, it is recommended to play it in full screen:

Press MA2 Setup->
1: MA Network Control -> Create Session (Session ID=1 IP= or your LAN IP / other property: don’t care)
2: MA Network Configuration -> DMX Node -> Add: two nodes (sometimes: maybe don’t care)
3: Network Protocols -> Art-Net ->Art-Net Output Active <- must do this!! Note: The default setting is 8 port outputs, and you can set up to 256 ports, but if you don’t use so many port outputs, it will waste network bandwidth and waste computer CPU processing speed.
4: When press “Load Show” to load new show, select “Check All”, if lost any data or when not active output, or if Artnet not output, can do this:
In MA2 CMD input: Edit DmxUniverse 1, when windows show, then will actively output, only do once.

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