Upgrade the WBOX to the latest firmware version

This firmware adds the MA2-Net protocol, which natively supports MA2 software, and can unlock the parameter output of 8-16 universe without other cracks.
Firmware download address: http://down.hahan123.com/down_server/W-BOX/ipk/

Note: If you want to out MA2 Artnet data to wbox, the IP of the box needs to be changed to the 2.x.x.x network segment, MA2 will not out Artnet data to the 192.168.x.x network segment.

Here’s how to do it:
1: How to upgrade: Browse the box factory IP through the browser: (note: not https) enter the box webui, click SetBox, Upgrade to browse the firmware wbox_firmware_v3.6.1.017_20240505.bin, wait for about 3 minutes, when the yellow light flashes again, It means that the upgrade is done, enter the box webui again, you can see the new firmware version in the tools page, it means that the upgrade is successful.

2: How to change wbox IP: browse the box through the browser factory IP:, in the SetBox page, IP input 2.0.0.xxx (xxx is 1~254) value, and then be sure to press keyboard enter key to confirm, no press enter key is invalid, when pop-up confirmation window, press confirm, and then press SetBox, wbox IP then changed, the box yellow light will flash again, now power on the box again, restart once. Next time you need to enter the box webui, you need to browse the IP you changed now: 2.0.0.xxx

3: Re-run MA2, you still need to set the following settings in MA2:
MA2 presses Setup->
a: MA Network Control -> Create Session ( Session ID=1 IP= or your LAN IP / other property: don’t care)
b: MA Network Configuration -> DMX Node -> Add: You can see 2 nodes named hahan123.cxx, click to join it.
c: Network Protocols -> Art-Net ->Art-Net Output Active <- Activate Artnet, then Artnet data of MA2 will be output to the wbox.

4: If you need to unlock 256 universe with 131072 parameters, you need to copy this winusb.dll to the MA2 directory, then can unlock all universe, if you don’t copy this winusb.dll, you can only unlock 8-16 universe natively, winusb.dll download address: http://down.hahan123.com/down_server/W-BOX/grandMA2_onPC/all_version_unlock_131072_parameters/

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