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This box is called NET-IO16, with 16 IO switch functions, each channel supports a maximum of 500ma, and the power supply is a wide voltage DC 7V-25V, so it can control any voltage IO device of 7V~25V.
This product can connect grandMA2 onPC, depence2, Madrix, Daslight5… Or connect any software with artnet output and physical light console to control the switching device. Such as lights, fountains, jets, fireworks, fireworks, motors, power switches, relays… Through professional lighting software programming, the downstream equipment is controlled as professional lighting, so that the downstream equipment can achieve beautiful results.
In particular, the control fountain, synchronized by the sound and light of grandMA2 (NET-IO16 control fountain), is a perfect match artifact.

This box supports Artnet and hahan protocols, as well as cracking the latest versions of grandMA2 onPC, Madrix3.6f, Daslight5 [May 17 2023] software.

Provide secondary development HAHAN protocol, which can support Win, Android, Linux, Apple and other systems, and provide secondary development guidance.

Box installation method: rack rail card slot installation, rail model: DIN35 or C45
Box size (LxWxH): 153x87x43 (mm)
Box weight: 300g

Box features:
This device has photoelectric isolation, self-health management, dual heartbeat management, remote monitoring management, network disconnection management, and crash and resurrection management, so it can work without shutting down for many years.
It has an automatic turn-off time function, which can handle very short time switching, has an initial value setting function, and can simulate functions such as network power sequencer.
In large-scale theme park projects, the MA console can be used as the master control system, and the NET-IO16 box can be connected to control and manage the power supply of different systems separately, so as to achieve the purpose of general control.

Please note that this control box does not provide a power adapter, because the box can control 7V~25V equipment, different customers have different control voltage and power requirements. Some people may need to control 9V relays, some people may control 12V relays, some people may control 24V relays, different voltage equipment needs to be equipped with different power supplies, so customers need to provide suitable power adapters according to the equipment they control.

General technical knowledge reminder: when controlling inductive load equipment (devices with coils are inductive loads, such as: motors, relays, etc.), the power supply of the box and the controlled equipment are common power, if there is no common power supply, it will be easy to burn the box output chip, unless the controlled equipment itself has a freewheeling diode, not a common power supply, common ground can also be. This is because the coil of the controlled device at the moment of closing, the coil will store a high amount of energy, can not be released, will be directly added to the output chip, resulting in chip burning, if the coil itself with a freewheeling diode, you can form a loop through the freewheeling diode for release, if not, it needs to be released through the box output chip inside the freewheeling diode, so a common power supply is required, the common power supply is equivalent to turning on the chip internal freewheeling diode, constituting the release loop of the inductive load.

The price of NET-IO16 box is: 680RMB
Technical support or purchase can be added to WeChat: 1380885858(x) x=sizeof(int)+2 (32bit) [hahan]

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