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What this box does:
This box named AL08, is specially used to control LED strip lights, with 8 universe port outputs, in order to be compatible with grandMA2, madrix, daslight5… software, each port output is 512 channels.
LED chips that can be controlled are WS2811, WS2812, WS212B, WS2813, WS2815… and compatible with WS281x timing chips, such as SK6812/SK6822/SK9822, APA102/APA104/APA106, TM1803/1804/1812 (high-speed mode), UCS1903/1909/2903 (high-speed mode), LPD6803/8803/8806 (GMODE=1, CMODE=1 mode).

This box supports Artnet and hahan protocols, and can also crack the latest version of grandMA2 onPC, Madrix3.6f, Daslight5 [May 17 2023] software, these software through the network transmission, send light data to the box, the box can control WS2811, WS281x LED strip or can control compatible with 281x timing chip LED strip, LED strip can be 5V or 12V or other.

This box also supports secondary development, and we will provide secondary development protocol.

Box installation method: rack rail card slot installation, rail model: DIN35 or C45
Box size (LxWxH): 103x87x43 (mm)
Box weight: 200g

Box features:
The box has a double heartbeat health detection function, which will self-heal if there is a problem; The box supports network disconnection and reconnection function (no manual intervention required); The box has a watchdog, and the program will automatically reset when it runs out; The box will monitor long-term network data and emergency treatment. Therefore, it can be turned on for a long time for 365 days and work stably! There is no worries about the use of lighting project.

1: The GND of the LED strip must be connected to the GND of the AL08 box, otherwise the LED strip will flash or cannot be controlled.
2: Because the rate of WS281x is 800K, it takes 5.12ms to control 512 channels alone, 8port x 512 need 8×5.12ms=40.96ms, plus several ms of other times, so the refresh rate of the box 8 universe output is about 21~24Hz, and the 6 universe output can reach 30Hz, but rest assured, the default setting of 30ms/33Hz in madrix will not lose packets, but will delay a few ms for processing, You can ping the box IP for test, many other manufacturers’ boxes receive Artnet data, ping will lose packets, our box will not lose packets. (AL08 box inside is actually 8 universe are connected, the outside through technical means to separate 8 outputs, if you want to high refresh rate, you can reduce the output port through our setting software to improve, however, it is not recommended to do this).

The price of AL08 box is: 480RMB
Technical support or purchase can be added to WeChat: 1380885858(x) x=sizeof(int)+2 (32bit) [hahan]

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