In recent years, there have been more and more cultural tourism projects, night tour projects, and immersive projects, so this master control system has been developed. This set of master control system has a simple structure, all connected through the network,  The network protocol used is a custom hahan protocol. The hardware equipment includes: 1 light server, docking boards and docking software for different downstream systems.

Any equipment and sub-system can be connected to this system for general control. The power supply, lighting, offline equipment, fountain, flame, fog forest, video, laser, sound, and multimedia of the entire park can be integrated to control and manage. . The video server can be connected without the CITP protocol. If a certain system does not have the access conditions, we can develop a hardware adapter board and software for this system separately, and then switch through our lighting server. Our lighting server is equipped with GPS and Beidou, and will synchronize each system with precise timing. Part of the demo is as follows, All software, hardware and boards are independently developed by themselves, so they have complete intellectual property rights, the server motherboard is also Self-produced, the cost is completely controllable, and the entire system can be OEM or ODM.

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