How to write your own web program under wbox–provide source code

Source code download address:

We have many customers doing secondary development under wbox, and some customers turn wbox into a server and do secondary development through the web. Similar to our webui, customers have developed very successfully and shipped in small batches.
Therefore, I plan to open the functions of wbox web to send dmx data and capture dmx data, and make a small demo, and provide the source code for your reference. You can view and change my source code in your project code.
as long as you can do web pages, you can develop your own dmx program.

How to develop html pages in wbox’s web server:
Old firmware: Copy the sdkdemo.html sdkdemo.js wboxsdk.js files to the wbox /www directory.
New firmware: I will package these files into a new version.

See the introduction inside.

In your html file, only include wboxsdk.js to use your web page as a server for secondary development.
Please note: wboxsdk.js cannot be debugged.

Or you can open the sdkdemo.js and sdkdemo.html files to view the demo source code.

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