How to unlock MA2 all 131072 parameters by yourself

how to do:1: please download this GetHWID_en software from: 2: run GetHWID_en in the computer that needs to be activated, if have an activation code(unlimited key only $9 for a cup of coffee), type this activate code in: Have activation code, activate from net server, now don’t close this software, waiting…. until a message box […]

Upgrade the WBOX to the latest firmware version

This firmware adds the MA2-Net protocol, which natively supports MA2 software, and can unlock the parameter output of 8-16 universe without other cracks. Firmware download address: Note: If you want to out MA2 Artnet data to wbox, the IP of the box needs to be changed to the 2.x.x.x network segment, MA2 will not

MA2 How to setup ArtNet output Step by step

To watch the video, it is recommended to play it in full screen: Press MA2 Setup-> 1: MA Network Control -> Create Session (Session ID=1 IP= or your LAN IP / other property: don’t care) 2: MA Network Configuration -> DMX Node -> Add: two nodes (sometimes: maybe don’t care) 3: Network Protocols -> Art-Net

HD512 support and unlock 131072 parameter for all MA2 version

Great Benefits! This HD512 Plugin is use MA2 general algorithms, can support MA2 onPC all version since Year2018 – Now, maybe can support future new version. At the same time, This HD512 plugin can unlock 256 Artnet universe with 131,072 parameter outputs, like viz key. Features like viz key: Note: Below Year2017/3.3.x.x version use

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