MA2_3.9.60.68 unlock 256 universe, 131072 parameters with HD512

This’s gift for HD512 box. this update can unlock 256 universe Artnet output for grandMA2 onPC version. only version can unlock 256 universe, other version maybe unlock 8~16 universe. download link: http://down.hahan123.com/down_server/HD512_DVD/grandMA2_onPC/ (2024-04-04 Add Note: Now have new version, please download new)

Last HD512 DVD whole disc ISO file download

There are many supporting softwares for HD512, the capacity is large, and the total capacity is more than 10G. Now the commonly used software is packaged into a single ISO file, which is convenient for everyone to download. The size of this file is 4.6G.ISO files can be decompressed by WinRar software, or directly burned

How to solution HD512 plug-in prompt ERROR V2

If the ERROR V2 prompt will appear after our ForXXX plug-in is running, it is because win10 comes with a virtual machine, and win10 starts the virtual machine driver. Our plug-in cannot run in an environment with a virtual machine. Turn off the virtual machine driver and our plug-in can run normally. . How to

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